Human trafficking and anti-slavery statement

Introduction by the Managing Director

Slavery and exploitation are both real issues that impact too many people living in this day and age. We at OneModeration Ltd take our responsibilities seriously in protecting human rights and the end of modern slavery by ensuring that human trafficking, slavery and child labour have no place in our operations. We encourage a secure and happy work environment where we can recruit and reward an inclusive workforce and where our employees are valued as individuals and have the same chances. Our Dignity at Work policy is also applicable to our interactions with third parties and demonstrates our determination to build healthy and inclusive relationships with them.

Our strategy

OneModeration Ltd is a limited liability partnership that provides outsourcing services to clients across the globe. We evaluate the threat of modern slavery within our company and supply chain to be minimal. However, we are committed to operating ethically and honestly and considers contemporary slavery a fundamental problem. Therefore, we are committed to ensuring that slavery is not a problem in our company, not just our international offices or supply chain.

We have a zero-tolerance policy against modern slavery, which is a crime that violates human rights fundamentals: This includes any servitude, slavery and forced or compulsory labour.

Our Policy outlines our obligations to our relationships and dealings, including our recruitment process and the supply chain we operate.

We have a Whistleblowing Policy, as well as other policies for sustainable business. The Policy also provides the steps our employees can follow if they are worried about the issue of modern slavery. These policies do not guarantee that no problems will happen, but they will be dealt with appropriately if they occur.

Supplier due diligence

We expect all of our suppliers and suppliers, and business partners to adhere to the same standards of excellence that we use to stop modern slavery by making sure that we all treat everyone with respect and dignity in an environment that is fair and ethical.

Our procurement procedure includes the screening of every potential supplier and examination of their responses based on the policies and procedures of the supplier. We require our suppliers to adhere to the same rules when negotiating with their suppliers. They intend to include this condition.

All suppliers must submit a written declaration that they are in conformity with the Act and our Policy and agree on terms that permit us to verify their compliance with these rules and, if necessary, implement corrective actions.

We plan to establish an annual audit cycle of six months for our major suppliers to ensure they always conform to our obligations under the Act.

The work culture and recruitment of OneModeration

We're committed to ensuring an ethical and fair workplace for our entire staff.

Our Whistleblowing and Grievance Policies allow concerns to be discussed and addressed. We make sure that we comply with all applicable legislation on employment concerning employee recruitment and conditions of employment, such as the right to work proof and that none of the UK employees working in our UK offices is paying less than the minimum living wage. The Policy also covers concerns about the practices of suppliers.

Our Dignity at Work policy and procedures encourage diversity, establish mutual respect as a critical value in the workplace, and address harassment, discrimination, and bullying.


Our employees must be conscious of the issues relating to modern slavery and support the company's principles. Therefore, we are planning to offer an education program for current employees and consultants to reinforce our zero-tolerance Policy and the steps to take when there are any concerns.


We have a Risk Management Team that will be responsible for ensuring the results of our commitments. We will collaborate with the Talent Team and other specialisms to ensure that we meet these standards.

It is an Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement as per the United Kingdom's Modern Slavery Act 2015.